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Traumatic Brain Injury Disability Claims

Thousands of service members return from active-duty, whether in Afghanistan, Iraq, or elsewhere, suffering from traumatic brain injuries. Because this condition is frightfully common among returning Veterans, the VA has designated traumatic brain injuries as a “signature injury” of serving in war. These injuries have been associated with IEDs, firebombs, and explosives, as well as other instances that involve a severe blow to the head.

Houston VA Benefits Attorney | Traumatic Brain Injury Disability Claims

Traumatic brain injuries are characterized by both physical and psychological problems, both of which contribute to severe residual effects on the Vet’s life. Unfortunately, the VA may not recognize these residual symptoms as the result of traumatic brain injury, which severely limits the Vet’s ability to rightfully claim for disability benefits. If you or a loved one is suffering from a traumatic brain injury, and is applying for benefits or has had their benefits denied by the VA, contact VA disability benefits attorney William Herren as soon as possible. At Herren Law, we offer experienced, thorough representation during every stage of the claims process, and we will diligently and vigorously fight for you.

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Traumatic Brain Injury Disability Examination

The Veteran’s Affairs has been criticized before for underestimating the devastating effects of traumatic brain injuries. In many cases, the Vet is unable to work, making disability benefits critical for basic financial needs. To help Vets better acquire disability benefits for traumatic brain injury, the VA proposed a revision to 38 CFR 3.310. This revision recognized five illnesses that could be caused or worsened by a traumatic brain injury.

For instance, if there is no direct evidence of a traumatic brain injury, the disability examination will look for any of the five residual conditions for an active-duty connection:

  • Parkinson’s diseases following a traumatic brain injury
  • Seizures that have no other cause following a traumatic brain injury
  • Certain dementias within 15 years after a traumatic brain injury
  • Depression that is 1) within three years of moderate or severe TBI or 2) within one year of mild TBI
  • A hormone deficiency diagnosed within 12 months of a traumatic brain injury diagnosis

The disability evaluation for traumatic brain injuries (or residual conditions) may include:

  • MRI, PET, or other scans
  • Evaluations of the duration of altered mental states or altered states of consciousness
  • Evaluations of a loss of consciousness
  • Evaluations of the duration of amnesia
  • Scores on the Glasgow Coma Scale

Through these parameters, the VA will make a determination regarding the existence of a traumatic brain injury as well as its severity.

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