Mental Retardation

Mental retardation refers to significantly below average general intellectual functioning with onset of the impairment before age 22. Diagnosis of mental retardation requires that one of the following criteria be met:

  • Mental incapacity evidenced by dependence upon others for personal needs and inability to follow directions such that the use of standardized measures of intellectual functioning is precluded;
  • An IQ of 59 or less.
  • An IQ of 60 through 70 and a physical or other mental impairment imposing an additional and significant work-related limitation of function.
  • An IQ of 60 through 70, resulting in at least two of the following:
    • Marked restriction of activities of daily living.
    • Marked difficulties in maintaining social functioning.
    • Marked difficulties in maintaining concentration, persistence, or pace.
    • Repeated episodes of increased symptoms, each of extended duration.

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