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Lincoln Financial is one of the largest and most profitable insurance providers in Texas, and for the most part, Lincoln upholds a majority of their disability insurance claims and makes sure that disabled individuals are receiving their benefits in a timely manner. However, because of the importance of disability benefits for many Houston residents, making sure you completely fill out your claim application is crucial. Furthermore, if Lincoln Financial denied your claim, you should start planning an appeal or, if applicable, a lawsuit as soon as possible.

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With years of experience representing Houston residents with their disability claims and appeals, Herren Law provides the leading Lincoln Financial disability insurance attorneys in Houston, and we are here to help you claim the benefits you rightfully deserve.

What to Do If Your Disability Claim is Denied

Although Lincoln Financial has aided numerous individuals with their disability benefits, bad faith denials can occur. In short, a bad faith denial occurs when the insurance company does not uphold the agreed-upon measures in the insurance policy, (i.e. a policyholder who becomes disabled is wrongfully denied benefits). Lincoln Financial has encountered some bad faith lawsuits before.

Whether in good or bad faith, some common examples of disability claim denials have included:

  • Failure to disclose a pre-existing health condition
  • Insufficient or inadequate medical examinations
  • Problems with paperwork or documentation
  • Claim was for a disability not covered by the policy
  • Medical procedures were considered “elective” as opposed to necessary

When injured or disabled, facing a denial can be devastating. In these cases, not being able to work and not receiving disability benefits means that the claimant may lose his/her regular income as well as access to adequate health care. Furthermore, because most Lincoln Financial plans are protected with ERISA, you will have a specific deadline to appeal. Often, the appeal deadline is 180 days after the disability denial. Failure to appeal within this deadline may exclude you from receiving benefits for your claim.

Free Case Evaluations With a Lincoln Financial Disability Insurance Attorney

At Herren Law, we have worked with hundreds of Houston residents who were disabled and unable to work. We understand how delays and denials could mean extra stress and worry as a disabled person figures out how to put food on the table and a roof over his/her family’s heads.

Whether you are applying for your Lincoln Financial disability claim in Houston TX, or you need to make an ERISA appeal or file a lawsuit for bad faith denials, we at Herren Law are prepared to devote substantial resources for the duration of this process. For a free case evaluation with Herren Law, you can call our Houston law office today at (800) 529-7707.

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