The Camp Lejeune Justice Act

A newly signed law offers people made ill by contaminated water at Marine Base Camp Lejeune are now eligible for compensation for their injuries. More than two million people were exposed to water containing high concentrations of toxic chemicals such as benzene, TCE, and vinyl chloride. Many people later suffered a range of illnesses including cancers, ALS, birth defects, and liver damage.

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For those who suffered illness after they were exposed, compensation is available. The new law not only provides medical care and compensation for the victims, it also establishes a fund for the cleanup of the toxic exposure on the base.

In 2012, the government reached a $2.2 billion settlement with the companies responsible for the contamination of potable water. This also provided some financial relief for victims of toxic exposure.

The Act Explained

The Camp Lejeune Justice Act of 2022 is part of the larger PACT Act, signed into law by President Biden on August 10, 2022.

The PACT Act expands eligibility for veterans exposed to toxic substances during their service and expands research into that area of veteran healthcare. Veterans who suffered toxic exposures from burn pits and other sources can now receive healthcare for these service-connected illnesses. More than 3.5 million veterans are now eligible for VA healthcare as part of the PACT Act.

Ordinarily, military veterans are unable to file a personal injury type of lawsuit against the US government for any injuries they suffered during their service. The Camp Lejeune Justice Act specifically allows everyone exposed to the contaminated water to file a claim against the US government, including non-military victims.


Individuals who had 30 or more days of exposure to the contaminated water are eligible to file a claim. This includes people who were exposed to the contaminated water in utero, during their mother’s pregnancy.

Military veterans, their families, and civilian workers who spent 30 days or more at Camp Lejeune and suffered illnesses following the exposure are eligible. Anyone who believes they were exposed to these waterborne substances will be required to show proof of their time at Camp Lejeune during the affected period as well as accompanying medical records.

Those who have suffered from the contaminated water may be eligible to receive:

• Healthcare for their illnesses through the government

• Financial compensation for their medical care

• Disability compensation and health benefits for those who are unable to work because of injuries from the waterborne toxins

If you or a loved one spent 30 days or more at Camp Lejeune and later received a diagnosis of one or more medical conditions, you should speak with a lawyer immediately to assess your eligibility.

Two Years To File

There is a short time frame for anyone who believes they are eligible to file. All claims must be filed by August 10, 2024, two years after the signing of the bill into law. After that date, anyone with a claim will no longer be able to collect compensation for their injuries. This includes military and National Guard members, family members, and civilians working at Camp Lejeune.

Water contamination claims that were previously denied because of the Federal Tort Claims Act will need to be re-filed in order to be considered for an award.

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