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Mutual of Omaha is a Fortune 500 insurance company that provides short term and long term disability insurance to thousands of people in the Houston area. Often, many of Mutual of Omaha’s policies are either group ERISA policies or individual policies bought from an agent or by the company itself. Mutual of Omaha boasts decades of experience. Although this may seem like an advantage, it also means that Mutual of Omaha knows exactly what to look for in order to deny an application.

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At Herren Law, we understand the debilitating effects of various disabilities and how important it is to receive your benefits in a timely manner. If Mutual of Omaha has denied your insurance claim, it is crucial to get the legal help of a Houston disability attorney as soon as possible. By calling us today, we can get started helping with the application process, filing an appeal, or, if necessary, taking Mutual of Omaha to court. Don’t wait any longer and call the leading disability insurance lawyer in Houston today.

Possible Reasons Why Your Claim was Denied

There are many reasons why Mutual of Omaha may have denied your disability insurance claim. When filing a claim or an appeal with Mutual of Omaha, you really need to pay attention to every detail in your documentation. You need to be prepared with all of your medical records; make sure that your physicians have documented all of your complaints, restrictions, and limitations.

It is also crucial to document all of your occupational details as well. Mutual of Omaha should clearly know the occupation you were performing when you were injured. Mutual of Omaha should understand how your disability has impacted your ability to not only work, but to perform some of the basic tasks involved with your work. If any of these elements are missing, Mutual of Omaha may deny your claim or your appeal. Some other reasons for a denial may include:

  • Unsatisfactory details in your records
  • They did not receive specific pieces of information from you or your doctor
  • Denials on the basis of a pre-existing condition
  • They overrule your own doctors’ opinions and medical records with those gained through an Independent Evaluation by a medical reviewer they provide
  • Technical arguments based on complex policy language

How a Houston Disability Attorney Can Help

Even if you have a complete and comprehensive disability application or appeal, it has unfortunately become common for large insurance providers to deny benefits for short-term or long-term disability insurance. With the legal aid of a prominent and experienced disability attorney, however, you can present a stronger application and use industry-leading legal advice with your application. At Herren Law, we can provide the following services:

  • Application for short-term or long-term disability benefits with Mutual of Omaha
  • Monthly claim handling of long-term disability insurance claims
  • Appeals of a Mutual of Omaha denial of long-term disability benefits
  • ERISA appeal of a Mutual of Omaha denial of long-term disability benefits
  • Lawsuit against Mutual of Omaha
  • Lump-sum buyout of a Mutual of Omaha long-term disability insurance policy

Contact Herren Law Today for Your Mutual of Omaha Insurance Claims

If you’ve been injured or you’re disabled, you need the benefits from your insurance policy now. You shouldn’t have to wait for Mutual of Omaha to go through their long-winded bureaucracy when you have bills to pay, medical expenses to take care of, and other expenses to cover. As such, whether filing out your initial application or planning an appeal, contact the disability attorneys at Herren Law today by dialing (713) 682-8194. Free consultations are available.

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