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No one deserves benefits more than the men and women who fought to keep them secure. At Herren Law, our veteran disability attorneys have a special passion for supporting our armed forces and in particular, helping them secure the disability benefits they’ve earned.

Here in Houston, we’re especially proud to have representatives from all branches of the Armed Forces at the Ellington Field Joint Reserve Base, including members of the Texas Army National Guard and the U.S. Army Reserve.


Service in the U.S. Army qualifies you for numerous types of benefits if you are disabled as a result of your military service. But navigating through the VA’s system and obtaining the proper benefits can require some special tactical skills. If you served in the army in any capacity and are at least 10% disabled from your service, give us a call to let us help you get all the benefits for which you’re eligible so you can provide for yourself and your loved ones.

How Much Am I Eligible To Receive?

Your disability benefits depend on a number of factors, the most important of which is the extent to which you are disabled. This is usually the most difficult thing to prove and the cause of many rejected or reduced benefit claims. An experienced veteran benefits attorney, however, can help you work with your doctor to get the supporting evidence you need to prove your disability and assist you in presenting it in the most persuasive way possible.

Some common army disabilities include:

Some veterans are also unaware that they can claim disability for more than one type of injury and that those disabilities stack. For example, if you are 50% disabled from an amputation and 10% disabled from mild hearing loss, then you are 55% disabled overall, according to the VA’s combined ratings. This rounds up to a 60% disability when figuring your benefits.

In addition to your level of disability, the following factors also influence the amount you’re eligible to receive:

  • Presence of a spouse
  • Number of children (if any)
  • Number of surviving parents

An extreme disability, such as the loss of an arm or leg, that requires special aid and assistance from another family member may also qualify you for Special Monthly Compensation (SMC) – also known as Aid and Attendance – and is calculated based on the amount of extra aid you require.

How Can An Army Veteran Disability Attorney Help?

Although you can request disability directly through the VA, the process can be complex, and sometimes your request may be wrongfully denied due to lack of proper medical documentation or incomplete records of your symptoms and how they affect your daily life.

At Herren Law, we help you navigate this system, gather the supporting evidence you need, and present your case in such a way so as to get you everything you deserve.

We’re grateful for the sacrifices you’ve made for us – and we’re proud to be able to give a little help to you. Give us a call today for a free consultation at 1-800-529-7707.

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