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Unum Disability Insurance Claim Denials

Unum, previously known as Unum Provident and First Unum, has systematically denied thousands of rightfully owed benefits to policyholders over the past few decades, and among Houston residents, the large long-term insurance provider has come under scrutiny for such actions. In fact, Unum and its subsidiaries (which include Provident Life, The Paul Revere Life Insurance Company and Colonial Life & Accident Insurance Company) have been subject to numerous lawsuits for unlawfully refusing to pay for valid disability and LTD disability claims. As a specific example, in 2004, Unum entered into an agreement with 48 states regarding their wrongful claims handling of long-term disability claims.

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If you have an Unum disability insurance policy, and your illness or injuries are covered by the policy, and you were denied benefits for a valid claim, it’s essential to get in contact with a Houston LTD disability benefits attorney as soon as possible. At Herren Law, LTD disability attorney Bill Herren has helped hundreds of Houston residents with their disability claims. We offer in-depth knowledge of Texas and federal laws, and we represent our clients with a professional demeanor while aggressively fighting for their claims. Moreover, we operate on a contingency basis, which means that you don’t pay anything unless you win your case and receive the benefits rightfully owed to you. For a free, no-obligation consultation with our law firm, call Herren Law today at (800) 529-7707.

Are you Eligible for Benefits Under Your Unum Insurance Policy?

If you have Unum insurance and you are injured (and, therefore, unable to work and bring in an income), you may be wondering, “I’m eligible for coverage for my injuries, right?” Unfortunately, the devil is in the details in many cases, and so it’s essential to look over your Unum insurance policy, no matter if you have a private insurance policy or an employer-sponsored policy.

To see if you’re eligible, ask an attorney to go through your plan with you. Just remember, for many short- and long-term disability policies, you’ll need to work with the employer for a certain amount of time before the plan kicks in, and you’ll need to work a certain number of hours weekly. A long-term disability plan, generally, pays a percentage of monthly salary up to a predetermined monthly amount (typically, this amount is 50 to 70% of the monthly salary).

Tactics that Unum Uses to Deny Benefits

Now, if you checked and are sure that you’re eligible for benefits under your Unum short- or long-term disability insurance plan, the second step is to become aware of certain tactics that Unum uses to deny a policyholder his/her benefits. Some of these tactics include claiming that:

  • You failed to disclose a pre-existing health condition
  • Your medical examinations were insufficient or inadequate
  • There were problems with the paperwork or documentation
  • The claim you filed was for a condition not covered in the policy
  • The procedures were elective, and not medically necessary

Keep in mind that, in some cases, Unum’s reasoning for the denial is justified and made in good faith. However, based on the amount of individuals who’ve come into our office, there are many LTD insurance claim denials right here in Houston that are not justified and unlawful.

How an LTD Disability Benefits Attorney Can Help

Long-term disability insurers like Unum must act in good faith when reviewing your disability benefits claim. Unfortunately, this isn’t always the case. At Herren Law, short- and long-term disability benefits attorney Bill Herren can help you out with your case, including claims that Unum did some of the following:

  • Delayed payment on a valid claim without justification
  • Failed to respond to policyholder requests
  • Delayed the process by making endless demands for more information
  • Failed to order an Independent Medical Examination (IME)
  • Failed to comply with ERISA rules and regulations
  • Ignored new medical information
  • Conducted selective and possibly illegal surveillance of claimants
  • Misinformed you about the terms of your policy
  • Failed to objectively and independently evaluate all of the conditions that prevent you from returning to work

Call LTD Disability Benefits Attorney Bill Herren

If you believe that Unum has wrongfully denied you benefits for a covered illness or injury, make sure to call Herren Law in Houston as soon as possible. You shouldn’t have to extensively wait for your monthly benefits to arrive, especially since the injury has left you unable to work and bring in an income. With the help of LTD attorney Bill Herren, we will fight the insurance company, whether at the negotiating table or in courts, to get you the benefits that you deserve. For a free consultation, call our Houston LTD disability law office today at (800) 529-7707.

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