What kind of compensation can a veteran expect to receive? (Video)


The compensation goes anywhere from $0 to about $3,000 a month. It depends on the degree of the injury the veteran had or the illness the veteran had which is related to his service. The key is to connect the condition, whatever medical condition it is, whether it’s physical or mental, to service. It’s called service connection. A veteran who is unable to work can obtain the maximum benefit because of his inability to work. The benefit will vary anywhere from, as I said $0. A minor condition, for example, could be approximately $300 a month, or it could be $500 – $600. Sometimes it’s between $1,000 and $2,000 a month. Again, it depends on the amount or the degree of the injury or the medical condition that’s involved. I recently settled a claim that brought the veteran $140,000 in back pay. He also is getting approximately $3,000 a month, every month, probably for the rest of his life. That’s because of a condition that we were finally able to connect it to service, causing the veteran to be unable to work. Don’t give up on your claim. The claims are valuable and it could mean the difference between living a good life and living a less than desirable condition.

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