John M

I worked for AT&T for 35 years when I became disabled. I was approved for Short-Term Disability, but after 3 months, I was denied. STD is suppose to be for 6 months. Sedgwick, the insurance company AT&T contracts out to for disability, denied my claim because they needed more medical information. I sent them all the paperwork proving my disability, and even letters from the doctors supporting my disability. And after another 3 months passed, I was still denied. I hired Mr. Herren to represent me. Within a month of his inquiry to Sedgwick, I was approved. On the same day, I was approved for Long-Term Disability. I felt relieved that I no longer had to communicate with Sedgwick. All communications were handled by Mr. Herren. He also suggested filing for Social Security disability as well. His office said that it would probably take 6 months to a year to get approved. That was not the case. I was approved within the month. He has years of experience with insurance disability companies. I am extremely satisfied with all results. I now concentrate on getting better, while Mr. Herren continues to fight for my rights. Long-term disability is a drawn-out process, and I am confident that we will be victorious. If you are being denied for short-term, long-term, social security or even veterans disability, I would highly recommend Mr. Herren. My mind is at ease knowing he is in my corner.

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