Bill S

After years of trying to get my disability through different veterens agencies I finally contacted Mr. Heren and I’ll never regret my decision to have him handle my case. He told me from the start that it was a wait process but nothing like the years I had waited already. He not only kept me well informed at all times, he also answered all my phone calls promptly and answered all questions that I had. He was able to get me a interview with a Federal Judge for the V.A. in Washington, D.C.. Before the interview, he explained to me everything that was happening in detail and what was expected of me. In a conference room via televised satellite he proceeded to ask me a number of questions including the questions the judge was going to ask me. After the interview it was another short wait time ,however, he got me better results than I had asked for. If anyone were to ask me for a recommendation on a disability lawyer Mr. William Heren would and will be my reply. Both he and his secretary are true professionals and the best at what they do.

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