Terry J

Tried from 1973 to get a disability from the VA with no results until I contacted Bill. He took on the case and we went before a judge and with his guidance I received a favorable award. Thanks for your help Bill.

Henry W

Mr. Herren is an exceptional attorney and is very proficient at his job. I drove in from San Antonio to his office in Houston to retain him as my attorney in a long, drawn-out battle with the Department of Veterans Affairs. I have been fighting with the DVA for over 10 years to get disability benefits for a brain injury I suffered in combat and Mr. Herren has gotten me closer to a favorable decision in less than a year than other attorneys and veterans organizations got me in 10 years. Mr. Herren has done an exceptional job of making my wife and I feel comfortable asking him any questions and presenting him with any concerns that we have. I am indebted to Mr. Herren for his hard work and sincerity and would recommend him to anyone having difficulties with a case they have been fighting.

John M

I worked for AT&T for 35 years when I became disabled. I was approved for Short-Term Disability, but after 3 months, I was denied. STD is suppose to be for 6 months. Sedgwick, the insurance company AT&T contracts out to for disability, denied my claim because they needed more medical information. I sent them all the paperwork proving my disability, and even letters from the doctors supporting my disability. And after another 3 months passed, I was still denied. I hired Mr. Herren to represent me. Within a month of his inquiry to Sedgwick, I was approved. On the same day, I was approved for Long-Term Disability. I felt relieved that I no longer had to communicate with Sedgwick. All communications were handled by Mr. Herren. He also suggested filing for Social Security disability as well. His office said that it would probably take 6 months to a year to get approved. That was not the case. I was approved within the month. He has years of experience with insurance disability companies. I am extremely satisfied with all results. I now concentrate on getting better, while Mr. Herren continues to fight for my rights. Long-term disability is a drawn-out process, and I am confident that we will be victorious. If you are being denied for short-term, long-term, social security or even veterans disability, I would highly recommend Mr. Herren. My mind is at ease knowing he is in my corner.

Jailton D

I live in Austin and Mr. Herren is the only attorney that accepted taking my wife’s long term disability case. Mr. Herren is an exceptional attorney and a very nice person as well, always taking the time to talk to us patiently when needed.  I strongly recommend him if you need someone who is an excellent professional, polite, kind and someone who is willing to fight for you.

Lydia G

If you need someone to go to bat for you for your disability, Mr. Herren is the person you need. Mr. Herren is an outstanding attorney and gets favorable results. His staff works quickly and efficiently, and within a month of reapplying for Social Security Disability, I was approved. I had previously been denied when I filed. He explains the process thoroughly. Mr. Herren returns all phone calls and emails quickly. I have worked and know many attorneys who have huge egos, but Mr. Herren is a very mild-mannered, easy-going gentlemen. I highly recommend him to anyone who needs a disability attorney, whether it be Social Security, Long-Term and/or Veterans Disability. If you are not sure if your illness is a disability, his office will be able to answer your question.

Leslie S

I Called Mr Herren in need of help after attempting to get my full service connected Disability for actually 42 years off and on! He did what I could not! I am 100% Plus Satisfied and would highly recommend him to anybody and do all the time

Janet C

I used Herren Law firm to help me with my Disability Claim, They were very friendly and informative. I got my benefit letter this week, I am so appreciative for the help from Bill Herren and Christine.

James D

Bill has done an OUTSTANDING job for me. After nearly 8 years of fighting the VA alone on 2 appeals, after I teamed up with Bill one was handled rather quickly while the second moved forward. He is competent, confident and let’s you know and feel like you have an ally in the fight. I would certainly recommend him to everyone I know!


I had already been denied all types of disability benefits twice, and had hired an out of state law office. Upon receiving my court date, they removed themselves from my case with only 2 1/2 weeks until my hearing. Mr. Herren and his team took my case on with only two weeks to prepare, and he not only handled my case brilliantly and efficiently, he won my case for me! Many heartfelt thanks and blessings to Mr. Herren and Ms. Christina for their hard work, kindness, and perseverance in helping me get my benefits!

Bill S

After years of trying to get my disability through different veterens agencies I finally contacted Mr. Heren and I’ll never regret my decision to have him handle my case. He told me from the start that it was a wait process but nothing like the years I had waited already. He not only kept me well informed at all times, he also answered all my phone calls promptly and answered all questions that I had. He was able to get me a interview with a Federal Judge for the V.A. in Washington, D.C.. Before the interview, he explained to me everything that was happening in detail and what was expected of me. In a conference room via televised satellite he proceeded to ask me a number of questions including the questions the judge was going to ask me. After the interview it was another short wait time ,however, he got me better results than I had asked for. If anyone were to ask me for a recommendation on a disability lawyer Mr. William Heren would and will be my reply. Both he and his secretary are true professionals and the best at what they do.

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