What Types Of Veterans Disability Benefits Are Available In Texas?

What Types Of Veterans Disability Benefits Are Available In Texas?

Disabled veterans living in The Lone Star State are eligible for a number of benefits. Unfortunately, they may realize that these benefits are available, so they don’t know to apply for them.

Fee Exempt Drivers Licenses

If you’re a disabled Texas veteran, you can apply for a fee-exempt license or state ID card if you’ve served in any branch of the US Armed Forces. The requirements:

  1. Have an honorable discharge
  2. A 60% or greater disability rating
  3. Received disability-related compensation
  4. Must not be subject to registration requirements for sex offenders

You’ll need to verify your disability in one of two ways:

  1. With a signed letter from the Veterans Administration
  2. Other official documents that certify the first three requirements above.

If you don’t have a letter from the VA, you will need verification from the branch of the military you served with.

The fee exemption does not apply to CDLs (commercial drivers’ licenses.)

Property Exemptions

If you are disabled at 10% or higher, you are eligible for a property tax exemption based on the appraised value of your property. The exemption is available for veterans, their surviving spouse, and/or a surviving spouse and minor children of a service member who dies on active duty.

Veterans rated at 100% receive a waiver of all property taxes. Surviving spouses and children can receive a $5,000 property tax exemption.

You can apply for this exemption by contacting your local County Appraisal Office for the proper form to fill out and submit. (Harris County’s Appraisal District website is here, and the form for exemptions is here.) A letter from the VA is required to apply (contact them at 800-827-1000 to get one.) Additional information is available here.

Home Loans For Texas Veterans

The Texas Veterans Land Board offers a number of services for veterans, including loans that are considered “below market” interest rates for disabled Texas veterans who are rated 30% or higher for home, land and home improvement loans. Texas State Veteran long-term care facility homes are also available and offer conventional and alternative therapies for resident veterans.

Free State Park Admission

The State Parklands Passport provides free entry to any veteran disabled at a rating of 60% or higher, or a lower-body amputation that is service-related (such as the loss of a leg) and receiving benefits. You’ll need to show documentation of your disability and rating available from the VA, but you do not have to be a resident of the State of Texas to qualify.

Free Fishing & Hunting Licenses

Similar to the State Parklands Passport, the “Super Combo” Hunting and All-Water Fishing Package is available free to disabled veterans as well as active-duty military whose home residence is in Texas. A Federal Duck Stamp is required for waterfowl hunting but is not included, which costs $25.

Additional Resources For Veterans

The Texas Veteran Commission is a statewide collaborative veteran advocate organization. Their online portal connects service members, veterans, and their families to needed resources. The TVC website has a range of information about services for veterans statewide, including claims assistance, education, employment, entrepreneurship, grants, mental health, healthcare advocacy, and resources specific to women veterans. TVC also has a free app available for download for both iOS and Android to make accessing services and information more accessible. Visit their Facebook page here.

TexVet is a joint project from the Texas Health & Human Services and Texas A&M University Health Science Center. This website is a clearinghouse of veteran-relevant information to veterans and their families not available anywhere else. The site is regularly updated and audited yearly. It has resources for things such as physical and mental health, higher education (for both the veteran and his or her family), and an event calendar with activities statewide. The site also has a section for active duty and transitioning service members with a list of services available.

More Benefits Available For Veterans

Because the Lone Star State will soon have the highest number of veterans in the nation, Texas offers even more benefits for service members as well as veterans. Whether for yourself or someone else, it’s worth it to do a simple online search and find them.

Many businesses offer discounts to military and veterans as well, so it’s worth a few minutes of clicking around to locate these thank-you discounts.

For instance, O’Reilly Auto Parts offers an in-store 10% discount for military and veterans on most items. Some items may have an even more significant discount, so it pays to ask.

Are you interested in upgrading your iPhone? Apple also offers discounts to military and veterans.

Other discounts like these are easy to locate with a quick search.

VA Disability Help For Houston Veterans

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