Health Tips After Camp Lejeune: Keeping A Check On Your Well-Being

Managing chronic conditions can be difficult, even under the best of circumstances. Veterans, spouses, children, and civilian workers who spent time at Camp Lejeune have had to deal with chronic conditions since they began experiencing symptoms.

It’s been 37 years since the water wells were closed for cleanup at the base. The children born during 1987 would be around the age of 37 now. Because the Marine Corps did not act until then, the last of these children have experienced cancers and other chronic conditions from their toxic exposure, either in utero or following birth.

Effective management of your condition is essential to maintaining your quality of life. Here are some ways to help.

Health Tips After Camp Lejeune: Keeping A Check On Your Well-Being

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Stay Current On Your Condition

Understanding your condition goes a long way to help manage it and take care of yourself. Actively engaging in your treatment plan also makes it easier to make informed decisions. Partner with your healthcare provider to make changes in your treatment plan if they are needed, and continue your medication and other recommended therapies.

New treatments and medications are always being developed. How can you ask your doctor about a new treatment if you don’t know it’s available? You’ll be fully aware of these updates by keeping current on research developments, management, and the latest treatments.

You can also find others who share the same condition by creating or engaging with a support group, national organization, or social network.

Make Healthier Choices

If you haven’t already, turn it into a healthy lifestyle. Clean up your diet and make healthier choices every day and reduce or eliminate unhealthy choices.

Tobacco and alcohol are two options that many people choose, but can worsen chronic conditions. Avoid or remove these from your daily routine.

Exercise Can Help

It’s not about running a marathon; it’s about using your body as much as you’re able. Exercise releases chemicals in the brain that can elevate mood and help you feel better. Whether you choose yoga, lifting weights, seated cycling, walking, or another fitness routine, it should be suitable for your physical condition.

Bring exercise into your self-care routine to ease both the physical and mental effects of a chronic illness. The Mayo Clinic’s website has more information on exercising with chronic conditions.

Reduce Stress Levels

Stress in any form can turn a bad mood into a very bad mood. Illness takes a toll on the entire family and can impact a couple’s relationship. It’s important to control the amount of daily stress as much as possible. Ask for help when needed, delegate where you can, and reduce or eliminate any obligations or commitments that are stressful, and you cannot handle any longer.

Getting enough sleep can also help reduce stress and increase mood clarity. Adding enjoyable activities such as outings and hobbies to self-care can also help reduce stress levels.

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