How Camp Lejeune Victims Can Fight for Their Rights

The fight for Camp Lejeune victims sickened by water contamination has been decades in the making. The long battle took a turn in 2012 with the Honoring America’s Veterans and Caring for Camp Lejeune Families Act led to some covered healthcare for veterans and some reimbursement for family members that remained after their insurance coverage paid its limits. This Act also provided for housing, education, and memorial services.

camp lejeune veteran victims

Anyone who applied for this coverage would be required to prove their service or residency at Camp Lejeune from 1953 through 1987 after the Marine Corps shut down the wells and began the long process of cleanup.

While the Caring for Camp Lejeune Families Act offered help, it did not go far enough. In August of 2022, the PACT Act and the Camp Lejeune Justice Act, finally allowed people impacted by the toxic water to file a claim for financial reimbursement from the US Government for healthcare expenses incurred following time at the base.

What Rights Do You Have?

While the Camp Lejeune Justice Act gave people impacted by the toxic water the right to file a claim, the battle is not yet over. However, victims can now file:

• Personal injury claims for compensation for losses stemming from the contamination, including medical expense reimbursement, lost wages and earnings capacity, and emotional trauma and distress

• Wrongful death claims on behalf of a loved one who passed away from their base-related illnesses. Only specific relatives such as spouses and children may file a lawsuit.

• Disability benefits for veterans who can provide sufficient medical evidence that establishes a clear link between their toxic exposure and subsequent illness(es) during the effective period.

In all cases, you must show proof of your residency or work history at Camp Lejeune.

No Jury Trials

A group of federal judges in North Carolina have ruled that the plaintiffs will not have the option of a jury trial as previously believed. The Camp Lejeune Justice Act does not guarantee the right to a jury trial. Instead, the cases will be heard by a judge, which may lead to expediting the claims.

Protect Your Right—Act Now To File Your Claim

You’ll only have the right to file a claim for just six months because the deadline is this August. If you don’t file your claim by then you’ll lose your only opportunity to seek this compensation. If you haven’t filed your claim yet, protect your rights by filing your claim immediately or risk losing that right. Contact our disability attorneys now to schedule an appointment and get your claim started before the deadline.

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