Get Social Security Benefits for Camp Lejeune Survivors in Houston

Many Camp Lejeune survivors have reached the age where they begin to draw Social Security benefits if they were gainfully employed and paid into Social Security. However, if their illness prevented gainful employment, help is still available.

social security benefits for camp lejeune survivors


For retirees, Social Security can start as early as 62, or as late as 67, depending on the date of birth.

Anyone with a disability can begin drawing Social Security before 62, as long as they worked long enough to have credits that cover their payments. Disability is available if the medical condition is expected to last more than one year, or results in the person’s death.

Individuals who became ill following their stay at Camp Lejeune may

Survivors and dependents may also be eligible to receive Social Security from the deceased’s work record. For Camp Lejeune families, this will likely be the service member’s work record. For those who cannot work, they may be able to collect Social Security or need to apply for another program called SSI.

Supplemental Social Income (SSI)

Individuals without at least ten years of working may not have enough credits to qualify for Social Security. In this case, Supplemental Social Income provides benefits to individuals who have little or no income and resources, are age 65 or over, or are under 65 with a disability or blindness. Individuals who apply for SSI may also be eligible for Social Security as well.

Additionally, SSI recipients may also be eligible for other benefits such as:

  • SNAP benefits (aka “food stamps”)
  • Medicaid for medical care (this is separate from Medicare, which is for people over 65.)

You can find more information at These are in addition to other benefits such as VA Care for veterans and health care reimbursement for family members health care.

How Will A Settlement Affect Benefits?

It will depend on what type of benefits you’re receiving.

Social Security or SSDI are both benefits paid for through taxes. Therefore, a settlement won’t impact monthly benefit payments.

However, SSI is needs-based, meaning that it could be offset by the regular monthly benefit payments received before the settlement. In other words, your settlement could be reduced by the amount of SSI you received in the form of monthly payments.

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The Long-Term Impact of Camp Lejeune’s Contaminated Water

Because Camp Lejeune’s contaminated water was not discovered until the 1980s, more than one million people were exposed to high doses of toxic chemicals during their stay at the base. Marines and other active-duty military, their families, and civilian workers who stayed or worked at the base for more than 30 days ingested enough to cause a variety of cancers and other illnesses. But the enduring effects of so many people poisoned by the water have yet to be determined.

long term impact of camp lejeune's contaminated water

While claims by veterans, their families, and former employees wind their way through the claims process, the prolonged consequences continue to show themselves in the people who survived the water at Camp Lejeune.

Veterans, Spouses, and Civilian Workers

Between 1953 and 1987, more than a million people spent time at Camp Lejeune. No one thought twice about the safety of the water and used it for drinking, bathing, and washing, never realizing the toxic exposure. While more than 65 chemicals were found, the most toxic were:

• Trichloroethylene (TCE)
• Tetrachorethylene (PCE)
• Vinyl Chloride
• Benzene

Camp Lejeune residents developed serious illnesses without an obvious cause. The illnesses continued after leaving the base. Today the VA recognizes several cancers and other medical conditions as directly related to water contamination.

The diseases from the base have left many with serious lifelong medical conditions that were not always recognized. Many veterans, former residents, and workers were left disabled and unable to work after their discharge or moving from the base. Other veterans, spouses, and children have died from their illnesses without recognition or assistance.

Camp Lejeune’s Children

Children of the Marines and civilians also shared the burden of illness inflicted by water contamination. Hundreds of families that lived and worked at Camp Lejeune suffered high rates of miscarriages, stillbirths, and childhood illnesses. Many women suffered multiple miscarriages during their time on the base with no explanation.

The ingestion of so many toxic chemicals led to serious birth defects if the babies made it to full term. Babies who were exposed to the contaminants in utero either died there or didn’t live long past birth. Even short-term exposure can lead to low birth weight, neural tube defects, and cleft palates. Infant mortality, miscarriage, and stillbirth were so frequent that a nearby plot of land became a cemetery designated as “Baby Heaven.” Graves detail their short lifespans, some just one day.

Older children who moved into Camp Lejeune with their parents did not escape the effects. Healthy children mysteriously developed serious illnesses after moving into base housing. Leukemia and other childhood cancers became common, and many children died. Others continued to live with illness or developed a condition like cancer as an adult. Many saw improvements after moving away from the base but continued to experience the effects of illness years into adulthood. As this population ages, the cost of their continued care will increase.

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