Doctor’s Proof in Camp Lejeune Cases

Proving a Camp Lejeune water contamination claim is complex. Anyone filing a claim must produce documentation showing their presence during the years that the water was contaminated, such as:

Your doctor's proof in Camp Lejeune cases - Doctor talking with a camp le jeune victim

• Time spent at Camp Lejeune, including:

o Service orders
o Hospital records from the base hospital or a VA hospital
o Military records, including your DD214, showing that you were stationed there.

• Housing records, including bills showing your address at Camp Lejeune during the affected period

• Insurance information

• Work records, including pay slips, W-2s, tax returns, and other documents (for civilian workers)

• Medical records documenting your condition and symptoms, including:

o Diagnostic testing, such as X-rays, MRIs, blood tests, and others
o Treatment records, including surgeries and other interventions such as cancer treatment
o Prescribed medications for your condition

These documents are used to both establish your presence at Camp Lejeune and show that you became ill later.

Doctor’s Proof in Camp Lejeune Cases

Persons with long-term chronic medical conditions already have a diagnosis and are undergoing treatment by their doctor. But to prove that your medical condition is from the base’s water system, your doctor has the additional burden of demonstrating a link between the two.

A diagnosis only shows that a person has a specific medical condition without context. Medical records, including doctor’s notes, are needed to show that:

• The medical condition is found to be presumptive

• The patient developed this condition after long-term exposure to the toxic chemicals in the water

• Testing to determine if any evidence of the chemical itself is lingering in the system

• There is a definitive and established link between the condition and toxic exposure from Camp Lejeune.

Although there is an established list of presumptive conditions, over time this list could be expanded into more illnesses that resulted from the toxic exposures. Therefore, even if your medical condition is not considered “presumptive” and not on the list, you should file a claim anyway.

Your doctor’s proof in Camp Lejeune cases may show that your medical condition was indeed linked to long-term toxic exposure, even if it isn’t presumptive.

Whether veteran or civilian, your medical records are the bridge to demonstrating the illness that developed after your time at Camp Lejeune. Your claim will depend on as much evidence as you can gather to show that you were not only there but developed medical conditions following your residence there.

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