The Five Top Reasons You May Be Denied Disability Benefits in Houston

Applying for disability benefits is a long-term and complicated process. Even if you believe you’ve done everything correctly, you may still be denied disability benefits.

The truth is, out of the millions of applications submitted to the Social Security Administration, a full 70% of applicants see their initial application for disability benefits denied. But in order to increase your chances of being in the 30% that are approved, it’s important to understand why the other 70% are denied.

The Five Top Reasons You May Be Denied Disability Benefits in Houston

Incomplete Medical Evidence

It’s one of the most important parts of your application, and yet many people don’t submit enough. You’ll need to show substantial medical evidence from your doctor, hospital, or another healthcare provider that demonstrates your inability to work, and how your condition prevents you from working.

The medical evidence from your primary treating physician provides the full story on your condition. During your visits, it’s important to discuss your inability to work with your doctor so that it can be documented in your records. Even if you are sent to a medical exam by Social Security, chances are one exam will not be enough to demonstrate disability.

Additional documents such as documented missed work time and doctor’s notes excusing you from certain types of work are also useful to submit with medical records.

Not Following Medical Advice Or A Treatment Plan

Even if you are seeing a doctor for your condition, you must show that you are consistently following a treatment plan. Without it, the evidence of your condition is inconsistent and doesn’t show if your condition is improving or worsening. It also may indicate that you are unwilling to cooperate with treatment. If there is a legitimate reason why you are unable to continue treatment, you can mention it in a hearing. In this case, you should discuss your case with a disability benefits attorney beforehand, and have them represent you in the hearing.

Earning Too Much Income

Some applicants may still be working and are earning more money than the limit for substantial gainful activity (SGA). In other words, someone who earns more than $940 a month is making more than disability pays. Social Security only approves applications for benefits to people who are unable to work. In this case, you’ll be denied disability benefits whatever the severity of your condition.

Not Cooperating With SSA

The Social Security Administration may contact you to ask questions or to request additional documentation. If you don’t supply all the requested information, don’t attend a scheduled medical exam, or attend a meeting with the SSA, your application will be denied.

You can prepare ahead of time with a full listing of what you’ll need to apply from the SSA’s website.

Filing A New Claim After Denial

Many people will simply re-file their application after they receive a disability benefits denial letter, only to be denied again. Without understanding why the original claim was denied, the new claim is also denied.

Don’t re-file your application. Your denial letter will indicate your right to appeal, and how to file one. You may benefit from a consultation with a disability benefits attorney who can advise you on the appeals process.

The Next Step—Appeal

If you’ve received a denial letter, don’t give up. You have the right to appeal, so use it.

There may be other reasons for denial as well. It’s important to file your appeal as soon as you can, following the instructions given by SSA.

Because the process can take a significant amount of time, you don’t want to have your claim denied on appeal. Instead of leaving your appeal to chance, working with a disability benefits law attorney can increase your chances of approval on appeal. The important thing is not to give up and get help this time.

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