Do Disability Benefits Change If My Medical Condition Changes in Houston?

Applying for disability is a complex, long-term process with a considerable amount of documentation required. You’ll need to not only prove your disability but your work history and earnings that qualify you. Even after you’ve submitted everything requested, you may still find yourself denied benefits, requiring an appeal.

Once you’ve begun receiving benefits, you will still have to support your diagnosis during periodic reviews of your case. But if your condition changes, what’s next?

Do Disability Benefits Change If My Medical Condition Changes in Houston?

How It Works

SSDI is not awarded based on the degree of your disability, but your earnings history.

As a rule, you get awarded disability if you have a medical condition that is expected to prevent you from working for more than a year, or ends in death. Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) considers you fully disabled at the time you’re awarded benefits.

Therefore, if your condition worsens, you’re already at your maximum benefit amount, and the amount won’t change.

Regular Reviews

All SSDI recipients have periodic case reviews to determine if they still have a true disability. Depending on the circumstances, reviews can happen from every six months to every seven years. This will largely depend on the seriousness and type of your condition and if any improvement can be anticipated.

SSA will mail you a letter in advance of your upcoming medical review. You’ll be asked for patient and treatment records from doctors, clinics, and hospitals where you’ve received treatment since your last review, or since you were awarded benefits. If you’ve also been working, you’ll need to provide information on that such as dates, payments received, and the type of work you were doing.

The only way you might receive an increase is with a yearly cost-of-living adjustment (COLA) to take into account inflation.

Social Security also regularly conducts audits of accounts. Any previously uncounted earnings may require your monthly benefits to be recalculated. If any disparity is found, you’ll be notified of the recalculations and the increase in your monthly payments.

If Your Condition Improves

This will depend on what condition you are claiming disability with. Some may improve with time, such as certain types of cancers with treatment, while others may not.

Should your condition stay the same, or become worse, you will most likely continue receiving benefits. This is true even if you receive a separate, additional diagnosis for another condition.

However, if your condition significantly improves to the point where you can return to working and earning a living on your own, it’s highly likely that your cash benefits will come to an end.

You can earn some money while on disability. In 2021, that limit is $940 monthly before benefits are reduced. Additionally, you can also participate in a trial work program for up to nine months to see if you are ready to return to work. The nine months do not have to be consecutive.

The Social Security Administration has a booklet available online that explains some of the basics of SSDI.

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