Camp Lejeune Advocates Say A “Rocket Docket” Needed For Claims

Camp Lejeune advocates, including lawyers for some of the plaintiffs and some victims, following the initial hearing for a Camp Lejeune case, spoke with Raleigh TV station WRAL outside the courthouse.  The hearing was a general discussion of the process and instructions from the judge on getting the claims resolved with or without litigation. The judge had met with some of the plaintiffs’ lawyers, which is typical in federal cases.

Judge Devers indicated that both the US Navy and the plaintiffs’ attorneys should begin working together to devise a system for settling claims faster. The Navy does not yet have a process for settling the claims without litigation and has stalled on settling the claims.

One of the attorneys stated that using data, databases, and systems could allow the Navy to be able to classify each case and address specific types of cases directly. Once the cases are organized, they could begin the process of making “meaningful and acceptable settlement offers” instead of making each plaintiff take a lawsuit through the court system. The concern is that more of the affected plaintiffs will die before they are able to receive a settlement for years of illness and suffering.

Judge Devers did not give a time frame but made it clear that there would be instructions that included one. He stated that trying just one case per day can take a very long time, likening it to the Roman Empire, which lasted 1900 years. One attorney referred to a “rocket docket” to get the process moving. Camp Lejeune advocates from all over are speaking out and concurring with the need to have a rocket docket meaning a fast and easy process to compensate victims.

More Inquiries

This past May, NC Senators Ted Budd and Thom Till wrote a letter with bipartisan support to the Secretary of the Navy and to the US Attorney General asking why these cases were taking so long. (The letter is available on Senator Budd’s website.) Camp Lejeune advocates from all over are speaking out about the need to have a rocket docket meaning a fast and easy legal process to mov e these cases through and compensate victims.

The letter follows complaints from constituents who have contacted their offices asking questions about settling claims and lawsuits. No response has been reported.

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If you served at or worked at Camp Lejeune and are now suffering or have suffered a chronic illness, you may have a claim under this act. There are a number of illnesses associated with the contaminated water exposure at Camp Lejeune.

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There is a deadline of two years to file a claim so do not wait to find out if you may have a claim. The deadline for filing a lawsuit is within two years from when the Act was approved in August of 2022, so it’s vital to start your claim immediately.  As Camp Lejeune advocates, we are prepared to help you file a claim.

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